Mark Pirrung has been president of Albany Beverage Company since 1982. After discovering a passion for the beverage industry through a position at Anheuser-Busch, Mark decided to take his work to the next level—by working with beverages through his own distributorship.

Mark purchased the company in 1982, and Albany Beverage has seen success after success since. He also presides over Atlanta Beverage Company, located in the state’s capital. With extensive prior experience and immersive career in the beverage industry, Mark provides the team with expert insight and enthusiasm.

Vice President / General Manager

Albany Beverage Company’s Vice President and General Manager, Ricky Burdette, has been committed to the beer industry for over 30 years, serving in his current position for more than 14 years. Anheuser-Busch recognizes him as one of the top sales forecasters in the state and region.

Director of Sales and Operations

Wes Terrell joined the team at Albany Beverage Company in 1993 and has served as Director of Sales and Operations since 2013.  He oversees day-to-day planning and operations within the sales and warehouse teams, coordinating efficient teamwork between the two departments.